Wednesday, September 23

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ likely problems and fixes

Samsung created the , a masterclass on its own. Then, they might have thought about it that some users might love all the specifications on the device except one thing – the screen. In light of this, Samsung went back to the drawing board and out they came with the . Both devices were launched at the same time and if you’ve had your hands on one, you would know the S6 Edge + is really one impressive piece of hardware. However, a device is never with its own flaws. Not everyone would experience these but in the case you have, let’s help you fix it.

1. Missing MENU button

There are some instances when you would be working around with your S6 Edge + and discover that you can’t find the menu button. This could be as a fault of some of the applications running on the device. Now, prior to this device, every other Samsung device could use the physical button as an alternate home button but this is not the case anymore. Now, long pressing the back button would do the trick.
If you would like to edit the application options that allowed the menu button to be displayed, go into your Settings and edit under Assistant menu (under Accessibility)

2. Random Reboot / Shutdown / Unresponsiveness

Don’t blame the device, this happens on many other devices too. So, whenever your device just ‘hangs’ or freezes, do an hard reboot on the system and this should get the job done. If you notice that the problem came up after an update, it would be best to wipe cache partition.
You can also investigate apps for this. Boot your device into safe mode and if the problem persists, uninstall and reinstall your apps one after the other to find the culprit. Only in extreme conditions when these do not work should you attempt a factory reset.

3. Missing Options from Swipe-down Quick Settings

Again, this problem is not peculiar to the S6 Edge + as older versions of Samsung experienced this too. Sometimes you swipe down on your device to access the quick settings menu and you see that some of the options there have disappeared. Samsung has then launched a solution in form of an app (the QuickPanel Restore application) which you can get from the Samsung App Store and your problem is fixed.

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