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Samsung outdoes Apple in Global Smartphone market for Q3

Samsung outdoes Apple in Global Smartphone market for Q3 Mobile News Technology: General

A research facility known as the Strategy Analytics has laid claim to a fact that Samsung devices outdid the products released by Apple into the smartphone market for the thierd quarter of the year, a domination which saw the ratio of sales of Samsung Products to Apple devices 2 to 1. Boiling these down to ordinary numbers, it is seen that Samsung racked up a total smartphone sales of 83.4 million units within the July to September (third quarter of the year) period while Apple just managed to stay above half of that, selling just 48.4 million units of its smartphones.

As of this time likewise, the totality of the global market on which Samsung’s influence had been exerted stood at a majestic 23.7% while Apple had to contend with its 13.6% share of the total booty.

Strategy Analytics went further into the numbers as far as determining the cause of greater sales go and discovered that Samdung’s device sales were spear-headed by the mid-tier smartpgoones the brach had launched, especially the Samsing Galaxy J5 and the Samsung Galaxy A8.

Coming in third in the report is Huawei. Huawei was very far behind in its own rankings as it had power over only 6.7% of the market, driven by the 26.4 million units of phones it had sold. Worthy of mention is Lenovo who coming fourth had a totaal of 5.3% market share globally.

Source : Yonhap News

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