Saturday, September 26

Samsung phones top in South African market

After winning the rivalry over Apple in global smartphone sales, latest research has found that Samsung is also dominating the South African market of smartphones and tablets. Samsung, the South Korean mobile phone manufacturing company has placed itself at the top of the market in the second half of the year 2015.

Samsung phones top in South African market News Technology: General
Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge smartphones.

According to statistics from International Data Corporation’s research, Samsung has not only emerged strong as the leading smartphone brand in South Africa, but has also increased its market share from 40.9% to 45.2% in this calendar year. The research data is also showing that the market share of Samsung is well ahead of Microsoft, who recently purchased the Nokia brand. However the market share of Huawei surprisingly dropped to 6.1% from 21% and in the case of Apple, it is decreased by 0.6%. Above all, Samsung is also leading the tablet market.

As per the research result and the statistics, the main reason for the success of Samsung over rivals is its market strategy. Affordable and user friendly devices are attracting the people to choose the Samsung brand, IDC says. Forking out handsets in the low price, midrange as well as high range levels, coupled with a huge advertising budget, it is believed by market experts that Samsung will keep on increasing its market share at the expense of rivals in South Africa with this momentum.

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