Monday, June 1

Samsung West Africa introduces “one-stop” laundry machine

Samsung Electronics West Africa has recently introduced their latest washing machine, which they claim to save the Nigerians from the stress of overall laundry care.

Company representatives claim that this latest washing machine include dual wash feature that remove tough stains from the hidden areas like armpit and collar of a short. The washing machine is available in varying sizes including 7.5Kg, 13 Kg and 16 Kg. Our modern life is making families getting busier than ever, with very little time in hand to take care of the laundry needs which means- treating the tough stains, prewashing fabrics and many more. With this washing machine with latest dual washing technique, users will be able to get the job done easily.

Samsung West Africa introduces "one-stop" laundry machine News Technology: General

“With today’s multi-tasking families busier than ever,” said Samsung Electronics West Africa MD, Mr. Brovo Kim.

“We consistently hear from consumers that they need easy and convenient ways to tackle everyday laundry needs – like pre washing fabrics, treating stains and picking up household dirt. They are looking for home appliances with clever solutions that help them take care of their home efficiently so they have time to pursue the things they really want to do. It is for these reasons that we came up the latest dual washing machine, which is unique to Samsung only,” he added.

The dual wash laundry machine features dispenser drawers for detergent, which dissolves the detergent and disperse it evenly before the washing cycle starts. This new product also has wobble technology and dual wash tray. The wobble technology ensures that each fabric is taken proper care of. The multi-directional washing flow prevents tangling. There is also a built in sink and a very gentle scrubbing surface. This sink is a place where the tough stains can be pre-treated before the final washing stage.


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