Tuesday, September 22

SAP commences Africa Code Week

SAP has recently announced the start of its latest event, Africa Code Week, which would see young people gain access to and learn the basis of coding and programming in the simplest way possible. The event, scheduled to hold between the dates of October 1-10 would feature online sessions and tons of coding workshops for youths of ages 8 to age 24, spanning seventeen different countries.

SAP commences Africa Code Week Technology: GeneralSAP launched the Africa Code Week project to help achieve computer literacy in Africa. It also aims to bridge the gap between us and the rest of the world in terms of computer and its related technological breakthroughs. With this in mind and also hoping to drive sustainable development, SAP has gone a notch higher by providing entrepreneurship skills and knowledge of the IT world to fresh university graduates likewise. This cycle of support does not stop spinning over the students in higher institutions as SAP also have plans introduced for children and youths undergoing the secondary and primary educational system.

With the programme to be enjoyed in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Rwanda, Senegal, Morocco, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Cameroon, Benin Republic and Botswana, it is set to cut across major African countries for now with prospects for expansion in the future.

The Africa Code Week is further supported by partners to SAP like AMPION, the Galway Education Centre and Simplon.co, amongst others.

With the growth of IT in the African industry, the code week is poised to be a success with IT experts already being sent out to start training of adults, parents and government staff who would help spread the idea to the youths.

Source : BizTech Africa, Featured image source: productiveinsights.com

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