Sunday, September 27

Scientists discover breakthrough in bullet proof tech, could aid battle against Boko Haram

Both the internal and external security of a country are a government’s priority. The majority or all governments are always in a never ending quest of assuring that their countries defense detail is up to date with the best weaponry and technology available. The need for such advancement in the security of countries has led to inventions that are aimed to improve the military prowess of countries. Recently, Chinese scientists discovered a super lightweight material that is stronger than metal but lighter than a balloon.

The material is believed to be a very substitute to replace the current materials that are utilized in the manufacturing of military armoury that provides protection for troops and tanks. This is because of the strong and light nature of the material that is less likely to interfere with the mobility and effectiveness of the users.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences researchers explained that the form like material was created when some tiny tubes made of graphene were molded into cellular structures that had a similar stability to that of the diamond.

Graphene, the main compound used in the making of this foam like material is a sheet of carbon that is extremely thin. The compound is 207 times stronger than steel and can conduct electricity and heat with high efficiency.

This newly discovered material has the capability of supporting items that are 40,000 times heavier than it without bending. Compared to other graphene materials according to the Shanghai research team, the foam like material can withstand more external shocks. The properties exhibited by this material showed that it can be used as a cushion on the exterior of tanks so as to absorb shocks from incoming projectiles and beneath the surface of bulletproof vests.

In Nigeria where the Boko Haram insurgency has been on the rampage since 2009, the new technology — if made available to the Nigerian government — will help the army a long way into curbing the national epidemic which has claimed thousands of lives and millions of dollars worth of properties.

Featured image source: Wikipedia.

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