Thursday, April 15

SEACOM to supply Internet and Cloud to businesses in Africa

SEACOM is a respected brand and name in the business of providing broadband services. The company recently announced its decision to introduce a new fiber plan which would help businesses (especially the small and medium scale business) connect to the internet, faster and at cheaper rates. SEACOM has done good on its promise now as doors have now been opened to businesses that want the company’s fiber plans which offers speed of at least 25Mbps. According to claims by the company itself, the fiber service is capable of attaining a speed of 1Gbps.

SEACOM, which is also known for its expertise when it comes to the provision of cloud services, has promised to make sire that its services would be reliable and that it would try to bring them to interested businesses at highly affordable prices.

Having already launched 20 fiber precincts in South Africa till date, the brand wishes to double that up and add to the existing infrastructure, all before this year runs out. SEACOM’s highly successful business has also seen it achieve a regular average of signing about 20 SMEs and corporate businesses every month.

“SEACOM started out as a wholesale provider of international bandwidth, but the time is right for us to diversify our business into the enterprise market,” Grant Parker, SEACOM’s Head of Business, has said.

According to SEACOM themselves, its package for businesses would be unique in the following ways :

•Internet Access provides customers with high- speed access through global tier 1 providers, a mesh of subsea and terrestrial routes, as well as optimized routing to key African operators, service providers, and content delivery networks.

•Ethernet services offer dedicated, transparent, EoMPLS layer–2 virtual private networking connectivity across SEACOM’s network and onwards through international
partner networks.

•Private Line Services promise secure, dedicated, low-latency connectivity across multiple cable systems that connect Africa, Europe, and Asia, as well as national key
interconnection points in Africa.

•Cloud services: Hosted mail, online backup, end-point protection, virtual hosting, and other Cloud services.


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