Sunday, January 17

Seagate to extend cloud services to South Africa this September

Seagate, one of America’s leading data storage companies is planning to extend its services to South Africa before the end of September.

The move by Seagate, which is the first of its kind outside the country by the company, will be hosted in Teraco, according to Techcentral. The services will be in partnership with local partner, Sithabile Technology Services; a leading provider of edge-to-core data backup, archive and recovery management solutions.

“The solution will offer 2PB (2,048TB) of storage at launch, but will expand rapidly from there,” said Peter Blaauw CEO of Sithabile Technology Services. “Comparatively speaking, we are competitive with the [Microsoft] Azures and the Amazons of the world, but we have a bit of a head-start in South Africa because of the time it will take [for competition] to build data centres here.”Seagate to extend cloud services to South Africa this September News Technology: General


Despite the fact that big time players like Amazon and Microsoft are currently offering similar services in South Africa, Seagate will be the first to provide the country’s market with full-service cloud storage solution when it fully becomes operational this September.

The South African economy is believed to be one of the biggest in the continent; which could be the major reason why Seagate has decided to extend its service to the African country.

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