Monday, August 3

How to secure your Apple device

Coming after the official roll out of the iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad users, the latest OS comes into the market with several security upgrades and updates and for users who have since updated their OS, here are some ways to secure your device better.

  1. Set Passcode

On the latest iOS 11 OS, you can use the option of a 4-digit passcode to secure your device against unwanted intrusions.

To get this set, proceed to the Settings icon on your Apple device > Touch ID & Passcode > Change Passcode.

  1. Touch ID

This also works to keep unwanted persons out of your device and private stuffs.

To set this up, proceed to the Settings icon > Touch ID & Passcode and add your fingerprints for unlocking your device.

  1. FaceID

This works mainly on the iPhone X which comes into the market with the Face ID instead of the Touch ID since it lacks a physical Home button.

  1. Automatic lock

This allows your phone to lock itself after a certain number of seconds which is set based on the preference of the user.

To get this setup, proceed to the Settings icon > Display & Brightness > ‘Auto-Lock’. From here, set the desired time.

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