Saturday, July 11

See how to locate nearest blood bank ASAP in emergency

From September, Nigerians will be able to find blood just with the help of their mobile phone quite easily. They will have to send an SMS to a shortcode in a particular format and the nearest blood banks will respond to them within minutes about the availability status of the blood group they are looking for. This was announced at the annual conference of the Blood Bank Society of Nigeria (BBSN) which was held at the National Institute of Medical Research recently.

Medical experts and doctors discussed on automation and the Present trends in blood banking, where it was jointly decided that the entire blood collection, diagnosis and testing should be an automated process.

See how to locate nearest blood bank ASAP in emergency Technology: General

It is in this conference, Dr. Bart Ifionu, the chairman of BBSN asked the Rotary Club to launch their product- RedBank. It is a service that empowers patients and hospitals locate blood within no time via SMS. The innovative venture as planned by the Rotary Club was much appraised in the conference.

RedBank is all geared up to go live from 1st of September, this year. As of now, RedBank will start its operation from Lagos, however in future this venture will spread to different other states. Each Blood request SMS will be billed at N100.


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