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See the list of winning start-ups at the 2015 ITU WE awards

The ITU Telecomms World Entrepreneurship Awards for the year 2015 was recently held on the 14th of October saw a lot of African Start-ups and ideas get recognized for their efforts, ideas and resourcefulness as the event saw lots of startups from the continent glow during the award ceremony.

The awards ceremony, which is in line with the policy laid down by Telecomms to focus on helping ICT based Small and Medium Scale enterprises as well as digital entrepreneurship saw TotoHeatlth from Kenya take home a stunning 3 awards, all being the People’s Choice Award, the National Award and the ITU Telecomms World Entrepreneurship Award. The People’s choice award is given to the start-up with the most people to vote it up via the event’s official application, the national award directed towards marking and celebrating Hungarian innovation while the ITU WE Award is reserved for the best start-up pitching at the event, selected by a well seasoned and experienced panel of judges.

Other awards taken home by Africa startups at the event as well as their categories are shown below.

•People’s Choice Award

SonicTier Inc.

•National Award

Codie Labs
Exuberant Group

•ITU Telecom World Entrepreneurship Award
Dot Incorporation
Practech LLC

Asides these start-ups, other African companies were also duly recognized at the event and some of these are

– Iroley Smart City, Djibouti Pavilion
-Toto Health, Kenya Pavilion
-Irience, Korea Pavilion
-Padoko Technologies, Malawi Pavilion
-Cooltoon Ltd, Rwanda Pavilion
-Jokko$ante, Senegal Pavilion
-Carl TV project /DBTI, Tanzania Pavilion
-Jaguza Livestock App, Uganda Pavilion

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