Sunday, September 27

See the winners list at SA Innovation Awards 2015

The South African Innovation Awards is an annual awards ceremony that is aimed at individual, start-ups and groups with groundbreaking innovations that would change the face of technology. Just in its second year, SA’s Innovation Awards finalists for the year 2015 have just recently been announced at the CEO Gala event that it held at the Sandton Convention Centre, Jo’burg.

The award, which was organized in partnership with the duo of Business Connexion and Business Day, announced a total of 6 winners for its Innovation Awards.

Speaking at the event, the Chief Investment Officer of Business Connexion said: “In the old days it was the large companies that could set up research and development houses, and could be the leaders in innovation that benefited most. But it’s changing now – we are seeing the democratization of innovation.”

Speaking further, the CIO, Matthew Blewwet said: “That’s because today you can innovate by having an internet connection and you can even fund yourself through various methods. That is why we launched the SA Innovation Awards – to provide a platform for African innovators, big or small, to showcase how they are bringing great local ideas to life. It’s our way of recognizing and celebrating innovation.”

The winners chosen for the event are Barclays Africa Group for Collaborative Innovation, hearScreen for Community Innovation, Resolve Capacity for Corporate Innovation, Enviro Options for SMME Innovation, Jacques Malan for SMME Innovator while Vuselela Energy took home the Hall of Fame award.

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