Sunday, September 27

SeedStars World Ethiopia: See the 10 startups that are still standing

SeedStars world is a global body that is interested in taking start-up competitions to various places, selecting regional winners and then pooling them together for a final battle of the wits. Having already been in some African countries, SeedStars world has proceeded to Ethiopia to launch its regional start-up competition in that zone too. This year’s presence of SeedStars world in Ethiopia marks the first time that they have ever been involved with the country.

The SeedStars World Start-up competition which kicked off in May is planned to be a seven-month tour of Africa spanning 12 different countries. The best start-up ideas from these countries are then picked to represent their country on a global scale as each start-up contestant looks to take gold and part with the US$1,500,000 in equity investments.

On visiting Ethiopia, SeedStars World was encouraged by the turnout and the final 10 contestant with the best ideas are listed below, alongside their ideas. They will have to pick and stick with one of these groups to represent the Ethiopian faithfuls at the global event.

1. Brain-Up Software Technology
This start-up deals with the creation and development of games for multiple platforms, aiming to operate an app store in future which would average at least 1500 daily downloads.

2. Enhid
This is poised to be an application that would fetch news to be within the reach of users in the Addis Ababa area of Ethiopia

3. Aer
A crowdfunding platform to enable NGO’s source for funds towards the achievement of their various goals.

4. Besew
A peer-to-peer courier service which allows users send packages through traveling people that are on the same route as where the package is headed.

5. Locally
Made for small businesses that require an alternative system for marketing. It also recommends you to trusted and reliable businesses around you.

6. EthioInfoDesk
EthioInfoDesk is a leading news platform in Ethiopia

7. Addiscan
Addiscan is to enable efficient and convenient management for businesses.

8. Sabacards
It is a payment platform for businesses and individuals to access their money over different bank accounts, POS, declare taxes and make online card transactions.

9. AhadooTech Fidel
It gives African students access to curriculum marked content on their PCs and smartphones both when they are on or offline

10. Winsol Green Power Engineering
This offers a solar-powered mobile charger that has been directed at Ethiopian farmers.

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