Wednesday, August 5

Seedstars World picks finalists for Angolan leg of competition

Seedstars World Competition which has been to a lot of African countries already, seeing winners determined here and there for a shot at competing for the final prize, have now been taken to Angola in the Luanda area and has seen a host of finalists emerge who would battle for the top prize among themselves locally and stand a chance to represent the country likewise.

Seedstars world is an international body that is interested in various technological start-ups around the world, helping them to establish themselves with the proper mentoring and industry skills needed while rewarding outstanding ones in the process.

The finalists, 11 in all, would do battle in front of seasoned judges on the 24th of October at a location that is yet to
be made known. These finalists are

•ProxyPay – a start-up based on hosting a platform that enables Small and Medium scale Businesses receive payments in Kwanzas through the Multicaixa network.

•Kwanza Online – an e-commerce and online
payments provider.

•LNL (Luanda Nightlife) – a platform that offers reviews of various restaurants

•Makelabor – a collaborative platform where entrepreneurs find developers and investors.

•Bitfyr – a dedicated platform to the finding, selling and buying of event tickets. Promotions are also offered.

•Interactive Load – an African games Development Company and advertising platform for small businesses.

•SOBA – a socially-responsible fashion store for branded clothing and accessories.

•TEC RETINA – a B2B social network.

•TECMICRO – a home automation company.

•Jobartis – an online recruitment site.

•Manifesto – a news aggregation app.

These start-ups would pitch their ideas in front of a jury which would determine which of them would go on to represent Kenya in Geneva, Switzerland with a prize of $1.5 million in sight.

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