Tuesday, August 11

Send money from MTN Rwanda to Uganda (MTN) and Kenya (Safaricom)

Just over a little while ago, we brought you the news of how Safaricom of Kenya had done business and partnered up with MTN Rwanda to ensure seamless transaction of cash among both nations for the users of both platforms – financial and telecommunications respectively.

With this plan now in full swing and having already taken effect, many are still at a loss on how to even send or receive money in the first place and as such, a mini tutorial has been put together for you here.

Sending money via your phone isn’t as hard as you think. In the end, you would discover that the requirement is nothing more than a basic phone. No need to spend exorbitant price on a phone that would be ‘capable’ of sending money. The programme has been done with utmost flexibility to help everyone.

Now, For MTN Rwanda customers to send their friends, colleagues or anyone cash in Uganda or Kenya through MTN or Safaricom M-Pesa programmes respectively,

•Dial *830# . Your request would be processed and you would get some self explanatory prompts. Follow them and you’re on.

If you would like to check the details / specifics of the transaction,
•Dial *182# and go to Pending Approvals. You would get an SMS telling you your transaction was successful.

Easy as pie!

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