Thursday, January 21

Sennheiser’s latest headphones cost $55,000

Sennheiser has pulled a big one by releasing its latest piece of hardware into the market. With the hardware being nothing more than an headphone, you might actually be wondering what makes this so special till you see the price tag that has been conveniently slapped across the face of this hardware unit.

Sennheiser's latest headphones cost $55,000 News Technology: General

Named the Orpheus (after an headphone that has been made by the same company some 24 years ago), the headphone was initially said to cost about $50,000 but Ars Technicia has debunked those claims, putting its price even higher at about $55,000 (which is estimated to be about R768,000, N11,000,000 ).

Sennheiser's latest headphones cost $55,000 News Technology: General

The high performance headphones which are the latest models of its previous version is said to feature a new signal processor and the appeal has been further improved with the design department spending time to make sure this unit comes out with marble-clad design.

There’s an oxygen-free copper cabling system employed likewise and the leather for the design of the unit is of German sources.

Sennheiser's latest headphones cost $55,000 News Technology: General

To avoids noises that arise due to cabling, amps have been built into the ear cups and the design sees the addition of eight DACs which clock a total operational frequency of 384kHz. The frequency response of this headphone also ranges from 8kHz to a massive 100kHz

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