Monday, June 1

Shame: Nigerian mobile networks would rather pay fines than obey NCC rules

The Nigerian Communications Commissions, NCC, has cried foul over the mindless behavior of mobile phone carriers in the country.

Nigeria, the biggest economy in Africa, is home to dozens of GSM and CDMA operators including MTN, Airtel, Globacomm and Etisalat but the NCC has frowned at the nonchalant negligence of rules by some of these tech firms, saying fines will be increased to make sure these operators start playing by the rules.

Shame: Nigerian mobile networks would rather pay fines than obey NCC rules News Technology: General
Cheated: The masses find themselves at the receiving end of the blow.

Executive Vice Chairman of the NCC, Dr Eugene Juwah who spoke during the Public Inquiry on Draft Regulations on SIM Replacement Guidelines and Enforcement Regulations, told MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) that more severe punishment await new defaulters.

Said he: “(To) ensure a secure process for SIM Replacement and curtail the incidents of fraudulent replacements which have now become rampant in the industry…the fine is being increased from N5 million to N10 million. What has happened in the industry is that there has been a rapid growth and we noticed that the incidents of non-compliance have become rampant as the regulations have been increasing.

“And because of the progress and success of the industry, you see that the fine of ten years ago is small and they can pay it, they can afford to disobey the regulations and pay the fines , so the fines have become not a deterrent, so what we have done now is to increase the fine and make it more painful when they do not comply with our regulations,” Jawah added.

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