Tuesday, August 11

Should there be a Scam Alert on MTN’s new plans?

Mobile Telecommunications Network (MTN) have been around for a long while now and their services have been nearly impeccable. Bringing us voice, data, messaging and the likes over the years, we have had a lot of reason to thank them. Of recent though, there has been complaints from different sectors on a lot of MTN products and platforms. From airtime problems to data, it doesn’t seem to end these days.

MTN has recently introduced a new data plan that enables users to subscribe to a 2GB monthly plan for #1500. Many have lodged their complaints on this and the most recent and publicized being one by a Mobility Arena user Sir Pito.

According to him, he subscribed to the data plan which was supposed to run for a month but was surprised that under the threshold of fair usage, the data got exhausted in a maximum period of 2 days.

As the story goes, after subscribing to the plan on a Wednesday, he had about 1.8GB of the data left. The next day, his browsing began to cease till it got to a standstill point and he couldn’t access the web anymore. Concerned, he put a call through to the customer care agent who told him that his data was exhausted already.

Armed with a screenshot of data usage over this time period, it appears that his data had been scammed off him, one way or another.

MTN should really take a stand to curb these and make sure that their customers keep getting the best experience.

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