Tuesday, April 20

ShowMax’s iOS app gets ‘download now, watch later’ feature

Internet connection is among the many challenges of the 21st century African. ShowMax which claims to have the largest subscription video on demand catalogue in South Africa, addresses this by adding an offline viewing feature for its iOS users. This feature will help solve the problem of cost and availability of Internet by consumers.

According to GM John Kotsaftis, this feature enables users to get shows and movies as long as they are connected at some point, may it be at a public WiFi hotspot, at work, or using mobile data.

“Not everyone has fast Internet access throughout the day or can afford to stream using a mobile connection,” Kotsaftis said. “The beauty of this new download feature is that as long as you’re connected at some point, perhaps using a public Wi-Fi hotspot, at work, or a night-time mobile data bundle, then you can still use ShowMax to get shows and movies.”

ShowMax lets users download up to 25 combined shows and movies on tablets and smartphones. These will be available up to 30 days. Once viewing started, they are given 48 hours to finish watching.

The feature has 20,000 episodes of local and international movies and TV shows to choose from. It has also unlimited commercial-free viewing for R99 per month.

You only need a smart device and a good connection to start your ShowMax experience. iOS users should start by installing the mobile client here.

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