Tuesday, January 19

Siam 7X US start-up smartphone to sport rear e-ink display

We see a lot of smartphones on the market these days and after a brief rundown of their specifications, we feel the only thing different about them is their brand names. Manufacturers have taken sight of this and are now making sure that with a new launch comes a new feature that sets them apart from the rest. With the PuzzlePhone being modular, Samsung offering its curved screen displays, the Motorola Droid Turbo 2 being unbeatable with its shatter-proof technology, the rear e-ink display that is sported on the YotaPhone and the 3D touch technology introduced by Apple, we feel that these OEMs are stepping up.

However, considering YotaPhone to have mostly a Russian influence in its board, it take some time for the device to arrive the US market and as such, a startup has taken it upon themselves to create a smartphone that features the rear e-ink display also alongside other features. Good news is, this startup operates from the US.

The Siam 7X device features a rear 4.7 inch e-ink display and a 5 inch of screen on the front. The device also carries some impressive 16MP of camera on the behind and for the selfie lovers, an 8MP camera. The screen resolution of the Siam 7X is set at 720 x 1280 and this is not all as the screen offers you a dual-screen tech likewise, making sure you can perform two tasks on both screens together.

The device, running on 2100mAh of battery supports the 4G connectivity and a 64-bit MediaTek processor clocked at an operational frequency of 1.3GHz runs under the hood.

The device which runs on the Android Lollipop 5.0 and offers free shipping starting from December of this year can is marketed as two different packages. With the first package at $470, you get a pair of heart-rate monitoring earbuds and a 32GB microSD card but at $420, you’re assured ordinary earbuds with no free SD Card whatsoever in sight.

Think you’re up for this one?

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