Wednesday, August 5

Skype extends chat feature to unregistered users

Skype has made a move to strengthen its customer base, improve its customer experience and ensure that it is free and fair for all by launching a new feature which allows even non-users to use the application. Yes, you read that right. You can now chat with someone else or so many other people on Skype without ever having created an account. The service would require you to get invited by a user that is already registered to the network and then, you’re allowed to chat for as long as you wish, no holds barred.

The Skype application, available to users on the Windows and Mac platforms, makes use of a unique link which it makes available to registered users for them to invite unregistered users. This link would be peculiar to each registered user on the network and with it, they can invite their friends to chat via mail, Facebook or any other media they wish to use.

Skype extends chat feature to unregistered users Technology: General

In a recent blog post, Microsoft (owners of the Skype team and application) have expressed their excitement at the launch of this new feature. In the blog post, it said “Today, we’re excited to announce something new – a small change that will make a big difference to how people use Skype every day. We’ve started to roll out the ability for users to invite anyone to join a Skype chat by sharing a unique link – send it however you want, in an email, on Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger or Twitter.”

A user just needs to click on the “+New” or “Add People” button in their chat app and a unique link which they can use is generated for them.

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