Sunday, September 20

Smartphone brands dominate top 10 Taiwanese brands’ table

The smartphone business all around the world seems to be really paying off as it has pushed a lot of companies to the top of the ladder in their respective brand competitions. In Africa, it was reported that Samsung is one of the top three most admired brands in the whole of the continent alongside MTN and Coca Cola and it got there mainly with its smartphone products. Recently again in Taiwan, a report was released on the most valuable companies and not only did smartphone brands grace the top 10 and represent well, MediaTek – a producer of chips for smartphones – also made the cut too.

Smartphone brands dominate top 10 Taiwanese brands' table Technology: General

According to the list made public by the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs, ASUS is the most valuable company in the country with its worth estimated to be well at $1.78 billion . This is well deserving as if memory serves well, this company was the first in line with offering a smartphone that carries 4GB of RAM – The ASUS ZenFone 2.

Next to ASUS was Acer which came in at $580 million and HTC rounded off the dominance of the smartphone makers in this list with $453 million.

MediaTek isn’t a smartphone manufacturer but is affiliated with them in that the company manufactures their smartphones, and it did well for itself as it came in at 9th position with a worth of $354 million.

Source : Digi Times

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