Saturday, September 26

Smile Communications Nigeria teams up with Samsung to launch LTE voice service in Nigeria

Smile Communications Nigeria has teamed up with smartphone giant Samsung, to launch the first LTE voice over broadband service in the country.

A joint statement issued by the two companies reads: “This is proof that the LTE ecosystem is set to become the global standard for delivering voice over LTE networks, revolutionizing the way mobile communication is enabled in Nigeria and West Africa.”

Customers will be able to access high quality and improved voice and video communications, enabling faster, better video calls, faster music, video streaming and conferencing, faster downloads and more pictures. This is also aimed at bringing an end to the frustration usually associated with drop calls.

Smile Nigeria’s Managing Director, Michiel Buitelaar, while speaking at the service and product launch in Lagos described the partnership as historic, and sees it as one that will benefit millions of telecom subscribers in the country.

He said after securing the required funding, the company is repositioned to transform Nigerians’ telephony experience.

Buitelaar said: “This partnership is significant to us in an effort to transform subscribers’ telephony experience. It’s is going to change the face of broadband to assist Nigerians in their different endeavours.”

“With the US$365 [sic] dollars funding, we are ready to double our network output; spread to different cities and continue enhancing our network capacity by next year. So, we are excited to work in partnership with Samsung which invests in R&D, understands the market and has unleashed the first LTE compliant smartphone in Nigeria,”

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