“Social media strike” commences on June 4th

"Social media strike" commences on June 4th Internet What's Hot  Twitter social media Instagram Facebook   Some folks on the Internet are saying they will stay off social media on June 4th and June 5th as a way of showing dissatisfaction to the way social media platforms are being run.

In a memo found on one LarrySanger.org, there’s a proposal for something called “Declaration of Digital Independence” and the folks over there have launched a Change.org petition for people to show support to the cause and to stay clear of social media during the two-day strike starting on Thursday.

Digital Independence as they put it, includes having full control of all private data belonging to a user by the user. They also want big social networks to stop acting like “silos” and allow posts to be seen across other social networks when posted on one.

So far 512 people have signed the “Declaration of Digital Independence” petition.

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