Thursday, January 21

Somalia gets first hotel listed on Jovago

Jovago is the leading online hotel registration and booking platform in Africa and they have recently achieved another milestone in the portfolio by signing their first of Somalian hotels. This further cements the fact that the hospitality industry is now looking towards e-commerce as the best way to propagate its business and truly get across to even more people.

Somalia, which is just getting back to its feet after being rid with a lot of terrorist actions and activities over the years which has also seen a cutback in its internet capabilities, have started to enjoy a decent amount of internet connectivity now, many thanks to Liquid Telecoms.

“The country has attracted new attention from Africa and beyond owing to the many aspects put in place for its reconstruction,” said the Managing Director for Jovago in East and South Africa, Estelle Verdier.

She added that “Jovago therefore is seeking to align Somalia’s hotel sector proportionately with the new age customer trends and purchasing decisions.”

With the trend set for Somalia to now return to its feet and start enjoying the internet as well as all other perks that it brings with it to the fullest, Jovago would be looking to sign up more Somalian hotels and hospitality institutions to its platform.

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