Monday, June 1

A few things you may have not realized your smartphone could do

At the present time, smartphones are great and day-by-day enhancing their functions in respect of the individuals’ demands or requirements. Moreover, it is a pocket pack device with the ability and features of a computer that make life easier as well as full of convenience.

Therefore, some versatile features of the smartphone are discussed below:

  • Individual can change their launcher on their Android: In an ideal manner, Android has its own interface. On the other hand, the brands that are manufacturers of Androids spend enormous amounts of their time and money while making these types of devices. Moreover, the manufacture of Android tries to improve or enhance their upcoming stock with versatile features as well as durable parts. In a similar manner, Android provides maximum number of genuine and powerful tools in respect of further customization, such as new home screen effects, scrollable dock as well as ability to add widgets to its dock. Moreover, it has a flawless 3D effect that really makes icons pop out of the screen.
  • Offers an infrared equipped function: In a modern era technology, most of the Android handsets are available in a marketplace with the features of infrared blasters such as HTC One, and Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • Helps in identifying songs: In a fundamental manner, it has a feature of identifying songs while playing. In addition, Google sounds application help here to locate or identify songs in respect of user demands.
  • Android handset can convert into a game console: At the present time, some fabulous and enchanting, powerful Android handsets are present in the marketplace. On the other hand, it also provides great video quality with high-definition glasses. Although, there are Bluetooth smartphones controllers available in the marketplace, including with the features of game Pad. In a similar manner, a gamepad helps smartphone in respect of gaming to an upper level that usually approaches home consoles.
  • Offers a phone visual voicemail:  In an ideal manner, it offers a voicemail function. In a similar manner, users can enjoy the function of downloading an application such as ‘Hullo Mail’ that are available for Blackberry, iPhone as well as Android.

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