Sunday, September 27

SON goes hard on fake phones, laments increase in fake products at Tecno launch today

The Standard Organization of Nigeria SON has expressed worries over the rise in substandard mobile phones and other ICT products in the country.

Speaking at the launch of the in Lagos on Wednesday, the Director Laboratory services of the organization Mr Louis Njoku said one of the ways to deal with the menace is to have Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), start investing in manufacturing plants in the country.

He however, issued a warning to counterfeiters that it would no longer be business as usual as the body, especially with the newly reviewed Standard Organization of Nigeria ACT. He reiterated the organization’s commitment to arrest and jail makers and importers of fake products in the country if they continue in their acts.

“We are pained by a lot of fake and substandard products, especially in the mobile phone sector. We are also pained that consumers are buying products which can only contribute negatively to their health.

“Initially, we were only able to bark without effective power to bite. But with the review of the SON act, we can seize substandard goods, prosecute their owners and make sure they go to jail. Not like before we had to go to a third party to prosecute.

“Today we are telling people to beware. We are now more than ever prepared to bark and bite effectively,” Njoku said.

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