Monday, April 19

Sources Claim Toshiba is Selling Image Sensor Business to Sony

Like many other multinational giants, Toshiba is also a brand that is highly diverse in its operations. Best known for its operations in the laptops and personal computer market, Toshiba has also broken grounds when it comes to the smartphone market and they also run lots of other businesses to boost the main business in an underground manner.

Toshiba has then decided to call it quits on one of its less-pronounced investments and focus on other aspects of building the company. The Toshiba image sensor business is the one that Toshiba wishes to let go and according to reports that claim to be founded due to insider knowledge, the deal is to be with Sony and well worth around 20 billion yen. In United States’ dollars, that translates to roughly $166.15 million.

Sony is expected to, if the deal is true and reaches the point of completion, take over Toshiba’s manufacturing plant in Japan and as well, the amount of workforce on ground which totals about 1100 people.

The image sensor business is not the only aspect of investment that Toshiba wants to let go as sources claim that the multinational company would also be taking a look at its stand in the chip market and the Light Emitting Diode (LED) business likewise.

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