Monday, September 21

South Africa gets power boost via solar energy

On Monday, the Minister of Energy in South Africa made an announcement that sounded a bell of boost in the African technology sphere. Minister Tina Joemat-Peterrson announced that the government is currently running and funding a project that would see their electricity supple increase by a further value of 1500MW. The project, which is aimed towards the Northern Cape, would be based solely on power generation by Solar Energy.

The additional procurement is part of a legacy led by the Department of Energy project, aiming to use it as a coincidental improvement to mark the South Africa’s International Renewable Energy Conference that is poised to take place in Cape Town.

It is expected that this announcement encourage more Independent Power Producers.

With the mainstream headlines that renewable energy has been gaining all over the world, South Africa’s plans and progresses to achieve a steady state of renewable energy to be consumed has been hailed and lauded in parts of the world too.

The project, which has a long term target of 5000MW of solar energy and 5000MW of further wind energy in place, with the launch of this IPP sector has helped to project their image in a good light and hence, served as a magnet to bring investors into the project.

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