Sunday, September 27

South Africa rolls out free Wi-Fi for Jo’burg Residents

South Africa is working really hard to improve its take on technology and produce a more conducive environment for their citizens to live in. Having introduced loads of policy reforms over the year, not to talk of the countless review that has been made to different sectors of the economy, South Africa is back again with a loud bang.

It is no news that South Africa has been rolling out free Wi-Fi service to its citizens in the Johannesburg area for a while now and the plan has gone on smoothly without glitch.

South Africa rolls out free Wi-Fi for Jo'burg Residents Technology: General

The citizens of Jo’burg will now be able to use Free Wi-fi in the Tladi Park located in Soweto of the same region. The City of Jo’burg also promised citizens that this was just the first in their plans as more is sure to follow, with free Wi-Fi being allowed in other parks across the city.

Just recently, the city reportedly announced that its inhabitants can access up to 300MB of data daily on the Braamfontein Wirelss Mesh. This free Wi-Fi plan is currently being enjoyed by majority of the libraries in the area. Not left out of this programme are the clinics as they are also beneficiaries.
Given that more than half of clinics and libraries are enjoying this service, the city plans to extend it further to those that are yet to start enjoying it.

Jo’burg, which plans to roll out a target 1,000 hotspots by the fourth quarter of 2015, added that as the planned phases come online, voice and video services would also be launched to complement the data services.

Of the planned roll out phases are Zandspriut, Diepsloot, Orange Farm, Ivory Park, Pennyville, Lenasia, and Ziberfontein.

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