Sunday, September 20

South Africa turns to 3D Hi-Tech life buoys for coastal management

South Africa is looking to improve the way it manages its waterways and in light of this, have turned to floating buoys as the savior in this department. The buoys that would be used won’t be like the normal ones that we all know, far from it. These buoys would have been technologically modified to enable them gather information for both coastal and scientific uses.

With the buoy, a lot of users can get access to very important and resourceful real time data that is sent to them courtesy of the sensor system on board. The data that can be provided by these buoys for use are innumerable, which can even include alerts as so when a red tide is coming or present. For those who do not know, a red tide is that time when the water would become toxic to certain animals in the sea.

With South Africa’s problem on the issue of illegal fishing also on the ride, these buoys can do more and become sea police of some sort, helping to check the activities of fishermen and curbing the excesses of illegal fishing in the country.

It has been promised that these buoys would be made from locally sourced materials as opposed to the imported ones that are being sold on the market.

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