Sunday, September 27

South Africans can now get Smart ID cards via banks nationwide

The South African Department of Home Affairs has stepped up its game in the quest to get the national Smart ID cards across to every citizen of the state by employing the services of some major banks in the country to aid the distribution. This move is expected to lessen the load on the departmental offices that provide a wide array of various services to citizens in the millions, all around the globe.

The project, which was announced early in February this year and is expected to launch today (Wednesday, 30th September) would make it as easy for users as just entering the nearest bank supporting the Smart ID initiative and applying for one. It is as easy as that.

South Africans can now get Smart ID cards via banks nationwide Technology: General
The South African Smart National ID card.

The Minister for the Department of Home Affairs, Malusi Gigaba, has reeled out the list of banks that the department would be in partnership with for the project. These banks include but are not limited to Standard Bank, the First National Bank and Nedbank but on Tuesday, only the former duo were mentioned of by the department. ABSA, which was not mentioned at all, already issued a statement to BusinessTech where it said it would also work with the Department of Home Affairs on this project. Nedbank also issued a similar statement to BusinessTech that they would be joining the project later on the first of November.

Minister Gigaba believes that this initiative would go a long way to eradicate the old processes involved in processing a green ID book and replace them with new, better ones; grant ease of access to services and as well, facilitate speedy change or replacement of green ID books.

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