Thursday, January 21

South Africa’s nuclear plans get a lot of opposition

South Africa is keen on finding new ways to ensure that it has some sort of renewable energy at hand but turning to the idea of nuclear energy to build the nation’s renewable energy scheme has surely turned a lot of heads, both home and abroad. It wasn’t long ago that Russia urged South Africa to abandon the concept of nuclear energy and turn to other forms of cleaner energy instead but it seems that South Africa is adamant on its plans, given that the National Treasury just pumped out a lot of money for laying groundwork for more nuclear energy centers.

With the cost for the Nuclear programme running between R500 billion and R1 trillion, many bodies are also against the advent of the programme and one of such is the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM). In 2014, the NUM has already stated that it would not be an advocate for “any temptations to employ nuclear energy as part of the solutions for sustainable energy”. “We, therefore, encourage government to take out nuclear as part of the energy mix. The risks and dangers of this element of energy far outweigh the benefits experienced by humankind,” NUM added.

The bone of contention in this area is that South Africa cannot afford to spend that much on a nuclear energy programme and it would later come to bear down upon the taxpayers to fund such programmes.

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