Monday, July 6

South Korea and US on the edge as North Korea further breaks UN security regulations

Less than a month after North Korea’s launch of their fourth nuclear test, South Korea warns them of tough consequences as the UN works on new sanctions against the country.

North Korea announced its plans to launch an Earth observation satellite on a rocket between January 8 and 25.

According to South Korean and US officials, the launch would threaten regional security and violate UN Security Council resolutions which prohibit North Korea from performing any ballistic undertakings.

South Korean spokesperson Cho Tae-yong said that international security will ensure that North Korea will face serious consequences if they push through the nuclear test since it would bring great danger to the Korean Peninsula, the region, and the world.

Daniel Russel, the top diplomat for East Asia said that the US is closely monitoring North Korea’s plans for the launch. A launch that uses ballistic missile technology would be another violation and strengthens the argument for the international community to impose tough consequences on them.

The UN is strictly monitoring developments of the plan and is in close touch with concerned parties and international organizations.

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