Thursday, January 21

SpaceCom partners Eutelsat to bring Africans low-cost Internet

SpaceCom is an Israel based organization and it is one of the leading firms in its line of business. Offering satellite and satellite related technology services to various parts of the world, SpaceCom has now sought to enter Africa and impact our data lives by planning to phase out Internet connectivity to us at relatively no cost at all.

This would be done through a partnership that would be fused with Eutelsat and the plan was made known via an announcement by the SpaceCom’s African Head of Sales, Amir Carmelli. Mr. Amir made this known at a press conference that held in Tel Aviv recently.

Eutelsat is a provider of satellite services and operates out of Europe. Joining up with SpaceCom would see the start of the operation which has been called AMOS-6. AMOS-6 looks to deliver its low cost internet to Africans from the space and it would make use of technology developed by Israel Aerospace Industries.

“We will be using the highest and latest technology and we can provide the best technology,” Amir Carmelli has said. He also went on to say that the project would kick off in April of next year and the cost of production would amount up to $1 billion.

In furtherance of Facebook’s plan, SpaceCom has recently signed an agreement with the social platform’s CEO that would see Internet at low costs taken to the sub-Saharan parts of Africa.

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