Tuesday, September 22

Stanbic Bank Ghana deploys solar-powered ATMs in parts of the country

In a bid to overcome erratic supply of electricity, which has been a major stumbling block in its determination to deliver world-class banking services to its customers, Stanbic Bank Ghana has deployed solar-enabled ATMs in some parts of the country.

Solar-enabled ATMs will not only help the bank overcome its electricity challenges; it will also help the bank to save costs. It will also boost the company’s efforts at going green and provide customers with uninterrupted banking services throughout the day.

According to Farihan Alhassan, Head of Customer Channels, Stanbic Bank Ghana, clients need to get access to their money whenever the need arises.

“As a customer conscious bank, we definitely need to make sure that clients readily access their money whenever they want. We wanted to prevent the inconvenience caused to clients when ATMs are completely down because there’s no power.”Stanbic Bank Ghana deploys solar-powered ATMs in parts of the country News Technology: General


The bank will be able to save an estimated GHS36,000 in energy cost every year because the solar powered ATMs have about 16 panels, which have the capacity of producing between three and five kilowatts. This will also be able to provide power to each of the paying machines, while also feeding a system that includes CCTV cameras, battery bank and air conditioners.

The bank has so far been able to install eight solar-enabled ATMs, while also working on plans to install more across Ghana.

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