Tuesday, April 20

Stellar.org to come to Lagos, invites entrepreneurs to discuss about open-source software

iDEA Nigeria has invited and sponsored the Stellar.org team to come to its office in iDEA Lagos this coming January 29 to discuss the possibilities of open-source payment technologies with financial organizations and entrepreneurs.

Stellar.org is an expert in designing open-source payment technology, a free program that has been used by various companies for their financial transactions.  The team’s Executive Director, Joyce Kim, will head the team with individual consultations with the business leaders. She will also make herself available for mentorship regarding the open-source’s ability to build Fintech products as well as make  payment transactions as easy as sending and receiving emails.

Among the other consultants of the event are Sam Altman of Y Combinator, Matt Mullenweg of WordPress, and AngelLists’s Naval Ravikant.

Interested applicants are to register for the event by clicking  here.

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