Tuesday, April 20

Steps to using a mail application on Windows 8

At the present time, Windows 8.1 comes with a new as well as unique mail application that user or individual can easily use with some of the more famous types of an electronic mail account. On the other hand, there are three unique and eye-catching types of email accounts present such as IMAP (internet message access protocol), pop (post office protocol), as well as EAS (Exchange Active sync). Following steps are to be followed to create or set up an email account.

  • The user should select the mail title on the start screen.
  • Sign in the email with their previous Microsoft account id.
  • Select Add an account or select some other account.
  • The User should type an email address as well as some other password on their mailbox.
  • At the end, the mailbox will open and display the inbox.
  • Next, to see the older message, user should click on settings and download the email from a simple click.
  • User can also change their electronic mail signature by choosing settings option.
  • User or individual can reply to an email by selecting the reply icon.
  • User can forward the message by selecting the forward option.
  • User can select the carbon copy option for sending the same mail to two different people or individual.
  • User can add the subject by selecting Add a subject option.
  • User can add a message by selecting Add a message option.
  • User can send the message by selecting send option or icon.
  • After that, user can delete the message by selecting a delete option or icon.
  • Next, the user can see some additional tools by selecting the right mouse button or swiping upward.
  • Here, user can upload any file by selecting attachment options or a paper clip icon.
  • User can scroll their mouse for visiting different folder.
  • User can open the file by selecting the open icon.
  • User can view various options by selecting the option that in present at the bottom of the screen
  • Next, the user can select the open icon for viewing the file.

The above steps are simple and easy that can help to access or connect with the mail application on Windows 8 in a convincing manner.

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