Sunday, September 20

Supreme Web’s AcadaWeb provides online skill courses for Nigerians

Supreme Web Solutions, a web design and development company that have their base in Aberdeen just recently launched an e-learning platform for Nigerians. This innovation, which was named the AcadaWeb, was introduced in a bid to bridge the gap and fill the void left by information in the country. It also poses to serve as a source of obtainment of skills for the citizens of the country.

Asides the fact that there are a thousand and one possible things to learn from the website, users stand to gain benefits likewise through their use of the platform, some of which include gaining access to educational materials which might be in print or digital (e.g DVD) form. This is not the end as these materials can be ordered for home delivery.

Supreme Web's AcadaWeb provides online skill courses for Nigerians Technology: General

AcadaWeb is not only for the amateur who wish to learn only but for professionals who have a good knowledge of what they are doing too. The platform gives experts in various fields the chance to create and structure programmes to their tastes of which a tuition fee would be assigned. These experts then stand to gain monetary benefits which accumulate to up to 60% of income generated from the sale of their courses to the general populace.

From the convenience of our homes and offices, AcadaWeb has brought the most sought and organised skill acquisition programmes to us and we might as well forget looking for a physical centre to acquire skills such as Computer Literacy again. What’s more is that these programmes would come at a token as opposed to the exorbitant prices that would be imposed in physical centres.

Presently, there are video courses that have been pre-loaded on the website which you can now start learning from anywhere and everywhere, anytime and everytime. These courses include but are not limited to Mobile App Development, Mobile Business Marketing, Web Consulting, Digital Security, Blogging, Bag & Shoe Making, etc.

Nigerians stand a chance to gain a lot from this innovation, which also allows you to be both student of a course and teacher of another successfully.

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