Suspected Meteorite Kills College Bus Driver in India

A meteorite killed a bus driver and injured three others, according to the Indian authorities. The incident happened on Saturday, February 6 in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. The “meteorite” hit a private engineering college, taking the life of a college bus driver.

According to the Times of India, the object weighed only 11 grams, almost as light as a Triple A battery. It created a five-foot deep crater in the ground and shattered window panes in the building nearby.

Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa Jayaram, described the bluish rock as a “meteorite”, although experts say that is yet to be proven.

Assistant professor at the Indian Astrophysics Institute in Bangalore, P. Rajaguru, stated that the rock could indeed be a meteorite but more tests are needed for confirmation. He added that if proven, it could be the first recorded meteorite-related death in history.

Meteorites are particles from meteors that do not burn up completely and pass through the atmosphere of the Earth.


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