Sunday, September 20

SwahiliBox opens in Mombassa, Kenya


Swahilibox, an M-Power project that is set up in Mombassa of Kenya has opened its door to wider Mombassa community, making sure to incorporate traditional Mombassa touches and designs.

The firm, having its headquarters at Fort Jesus (a UNESCO heritage site) is accessible to all of the local community and visitors coming into Mombassa worldwide.

SwahiliBox opens in Mombassa, Kenya Technology: General

The SwahiliBox project was launched to focus on empowering the socio-economic technology community, inspiring and developing individuals and consequently helping them develop new and innovative ideas through networking, access to training and support and professional mentoring and coaching. SwahiliBox also aims to create an hub where donors, investors, experts, artists and individuals are brought together to aid and call for the sharing of knowledge. Its goal in the long run is to contribute to the development of its maiden country, Kenya.

Commenting on the project was SwahiliBox’s Executive Director, Ahmed Mohamed Maawy and he said “In an interconnected and open world that we have today, driven by principles of Open Source Software, as well as Virtual and Collaborative Software Development spanning the whole world, we want to see Mombassa – under SwahiliBox – to emerge to become a regional collaborator in building the awesome Silicon Savannah and contributing to the next big
initiatives in the global innovation space”

Partnering up with the likes of Microsoft, The Indigo Trust, ShuttleWorth, Hub__, Open Institute, Angani, Camara, SEACOM, Spring, GrowthAfrica, IBM, Open Knowledge Foundation, Ashoka, NASA, GitHub, 4Afrika, Jet Brains, Tree House and Blue Digital, SwahiliBox is leaving no box unturned in its quest to transform Kenya into a force to be reckoned with in Technology.

Expected to bring investors to the region and contribute to overall development, SwahiliBox holds high prospects for the future.

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