Sunday, September 20

Tanzania: free healthy baby SMS service gets 1 million subscriptions

One of the most basic things that are needed by the citizens of every country is, after security that is, good healthcare. Without a good healthcare system, a country might just be building itself to be a deathbed. The government of Tanzania is really trying in this aspect and one of the technological based innovations that has been launched and is run in the Tanzanian economy which favors the healthcare of its citizens is the free SMS service for pregnant women and mothers.

The SMS plan which goes for a cost of zero units for every pregnant, nursing mothers, male supporters and the likes has been named Wazazi Nipendeni. In kiswahili, this means “Parents Love Me.”

The SMS service is then proud to have gained significance in servicing people up to the extent that it gained a massive 1 million subscribers, boasting a larger value of messages that had been sent across the platform over time, totaling roughly 55 million free messages. Keep in mind that Tanzania has about 50,000,000 people living in the East African country.

The SMS service which was launched in November of the year 2012 works on all the major network service providers in Tanzania, Tigo Tanzania, Airtel Tanzania, Zantel and the likes.

Run by professionals in the fields – doctors and nurses inclusive -, the programme hopes to reduce the rates of mortality of children at birth and mothers during childbirth, providing them with all the quality professional help they need.

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