Tuesday, August 11

TechStars now accepting applications for Barclays Startup Accelerator

The Barclays Accelerator programme was announced a little less than a month ago and the start-up initiative was to be based on FinTech innovations. For this programme, Barclays opened its doors to innovators and their applications from all over the world and in order to ensure the smooth running of the startup accelerator programme, teamed up with the people over at TechStars.

From the initial release, TechStars would be responsible for the supervision, mentoring and training of the applicants who were successful enough to even make the cut for this programme. It is then with great joy that we announce to you that the same TechStars that are affiliated to Barclays and key players in the Barclays Accelerator Programme have now opened shop for business in Africa as the competition is now open to African innovators likewise.

The Executive Director of TechStars has made a statement available where he stated that the aim of the startup accelerator programme was to empower entrepreneurs by bringing them in close contact with their donors, suitable investors, industry experts, mentors and corporate partners to mention but a few.

The Cape Town Techstars accelerator has also been structured in such a way that the public would receive proper orientation on the body and its mission through webinars and a host of other lined up events.

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