Friday, September 25

Telkom SA launches ‘Telkom Community’ to improve customer care

Telkom, the South African telecommunications company, is undoubtedly producing and reeling out quality services and products time after time but this improvement is not accentuated by their customer relations and customer care services. In other words, they are creating products that are not easy to purchase or access by their customers. Most recently, a lot of people lodged their queries and complaints as to the effectiveness and service of Telkom’s customer care service centres. Telkom has then listened to the voice of the people and hopes to turn things around with a new improvement strategy.

My Broadband recently published an article that went ahead to explain the problems faced from the sales desk of Telkom and also pointed out other issues, to which Telkom as issued a statement in reply to.

Telkom SA launches 'Telkom Community' to improve customer care Technology: General

The Managing Director of Telkom, Enzo Scarcella has said of the complaints that Telkom is currently also constantly looking to better their relations to their customers, part of the solution including a Telkom Community which will enable the customers interact with customer care agents and share their experiences likewise.

In his own words:

“Over the past couple years, we have made significant changes at the company, which we believe have all been made to benefit the consumer. This is not an entirely altruistic motive as customers are what keep our company alive and profitable. One of the most significant changes has been our dedication to serving customers via digital channels. Telkom’s new, interactive website is only a few weeks old, but has already seen a massive increase in interaction and engagement on the new site as a result of the improved design and site technology.

“The new site is just the start of a journey to rapidly deploy user-first digital experiences in the coming months. As with any major technology launch, though, there have been teething problems. We are constantly reviewing our digital platforms against user analytics to make sure that we are really putting the customer first. All of our decisions are made based on user feedback and wishes.

“We are confident that new tools, such as the ‘Help me Choose’ sales wizard, which was designed specifically to improve product discovery, is going to make a significant difference in the market. This will help us eliminate the need for a customer to complete a lead form and wait for a representative to contact them. We are continually improving our digital self-service channels to ensure that our customers are able to resolve their issues online as quickly and easily as possible, without picking up a phone. Finally, we are soon going to launch a Telkom Community, where customers can share their experiences with the brand and engage with other Telkom customers about sales and service. This will help us improve our service delivery on a continual basis.”

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