Sunday, September 27

Telkom upgrades its Waya-Waya and PrepaidFone services to FLLA

Telkom is a mobile telecommunications platform that provides its services across the genres of satellite, voice, data, internet, network solutions and as well, provisioning of Local Area Network (LAN) services.

The South Africa-based organization has then made a laudable announcement when it was made known that Waya Waya and PrepaidFone would now offer customers more usability as measures have been put in place to make them serve more.

The upgrade, which came from the changing of Waya Ways and PrepaidFone telephone lines from the traditional Copper to a more advanced wireless Fixed Line Look Alike (FLLA) service.

Formerly, the prepaid service was only available over copper lines. This reduces their functionality as they are susceptible to damage from elements such as rain, lightning and man-orchestrated attacks such as theft.

Telkom also wishes to take advantage of the new technology around by the revamping of its prepaid lines. This is no cause for panic among customers though as they would retain the option of holding onto their numbers ensuring no data losses. Also, prepaid wallet balances and the provision of an FLLA device would be feasible, all at zero cost.

The Managing Director of Telkom, Attila Vitai, said on the matter “We’re giving customers a more reliable product with the same functionality they’ve enjoyed in the past, and the freedom to control their spending upfront”. He continued further that “At the same time, we’re looking at additional entry-level prepaid products that work on
wireless infrastructure.”

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