Tuesday, August 11

Ten(10) Applications You Must Have On Your Android Smartphone

Being an Android user for over a year now, I felt the need to make a list of applications you should never miss out on your new(or old) Android phone. My list includes the very apps that keeps my own Android phone rocking and rocking.


The best music player so far on Android. Plays mp3, aac, wav, ogg and other sound encodings. I love Z-player for the it’s simple, yet cool features that it offers. It automatically downloads lyrics,album arts, background picture for music files without any of these. Z-player can also play Videos and movies but I only love to use it for playing songs.
And oh, Z-player comes with headphone control &madsh; it stops playing once you unplug the headphones and starts playing when you swipe them in again — cool for saving you from embarrassment when that faulty headphone of yours mistakenly pulls out when you are in a public bus.
Ten(10) Applications You Must Have On Your Android Smartphone Simple Tutorials Technology: General

Mx Player

Another application for playing multimedia files. Mx player can play music files well but it’s main specialty is in playing videos and watching movies. This sick application can zoom videos, resume playback even after you switch off you phone. This app is truly a must-have.


You definitely ought to have this File Manager on your Android phone if you need to actually take control of your files. This app let’s you move, copy, backup, edit, compress, unzip, files and folders on your Android phone. I am not a new user of X-plore, used it since the early days of smartphones on my old Symbian Nokia 6600 🙂
As far as am know, X-plore is the best file manager on mobile.

Opera Mini Browser

Seamless browser that lets you enjoy a really speedy browsing experience on your Android phone while saving you lots of data — as it receives WEB data in encrypted, compressed format. Opera Mini can also synchronize your bookmarks between devices too.


Ever feel like typing away on your phone without any mistakes even though you are typing so fast and there should be typos all over your sentences?
Well, this app is for you. Swiftkey auto-corrects your silly typing mistakes as you type away so fast. It even guesses( correctly most times) the next word you are about to type and saves you time you could use for our next app.

Angry Birds

Ten(10) Applications You Must Have On Your Android Smartphone Simple Tutorials Technology: General
This is a game that has been dubbed “the second most popular thing that originated from Finland apart from Nokia”. Believe it or not, you need Angry Birds on your phone. Angry Birds is quite good for clearing your head when you are upset after reading that text from your friend. It’s also very good for passing time whenever you are super bored.

Google Voice

Sick application from Google that lets you “talk to your mobile”. Google voice helps you search for files, apps on your device, make Google searches, with just you talking to the your Android phone.


This app offers everything else your default Android e-mail viewer doesn’t, in a very cool way.

Dx or Du Battery Saver

The only thing this app does for me is to show my exact battery level — which is pretty much important for me.

Avast! Mobile Security

As you know Avast is good for securing your device from trojans, viruses and other threats. The Android version also comes with Firewall, very good for securing your browsing experience.

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