Sunday, September 27

‘The future of cloud is the future of business’

Advancements in cloud technology have greatly altered the face of businesses over time. Advent of a third party storage system which has proven to be cost efficient and highly time saving has continuously increased the pressures on businesses. Explicitly speaking, the pressures on these businesses are not only from other competing businesses, but are more from outside of the business circles.

Technological advancement has led to evolution and development of a number of business-enhancing applications and softwares which have significantly caused a reduction in dependence on business owners for basic transactions. Consumers are now sources of pressures for business owners who must rapidly respond to demands from their high value clients while also keeping close tab on small businesses trying to grab their shares of the declining markets.

'The future of cloud is the future of business' Technology: General

Amidst these mounting challenges lie a segment of consumers who have embraced the latest technological advancements involving the use of cloud technology to perform basic tasks independently which hitherto they could not handle. Instances include situations whereby cloud storage technology has reduced dependence on storage media such as flash drives, hard disks since files and other data on cloud storage can be accessed from any point thereby solving the tasks of carrying these storage media everywhere.

Improved access to internet over the years especially in developing countries has also contributed to an increase in the popularity of cloud technology which ultimately impacts negatively on businesses.

It is imperative to state that business owners must quickly make use of the vast opportunities provided by cloud technology if they are to remain relevant since cloud technology is dictating the pace for innovations and progressions in businesses.

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