Sunday, September 27

The Venture brings $1 million competition to Nigeria start-ups

The Venture is a competition that is taken all over the world, aiming to recognize and reward newcomers into the technological markets, baby and infants in technology (startups) and also help them towards the full actualization of their dreams.

It is on this note that the Venture has brought its competition to Nigeria, giving Nigerian start-ups and techpreneurs the chance to compete for a part in the jaw-dropping $1 million prize.

“We’re excited to announce the launch of The Venture and can’t wait to discover aspiring entrepreneurs across Nigeria,” said the Managing director of Pernor Rickard Nigeria who spoke about the introduction.

“Whether your business focuses on technology, agriculture, healthcare, food or the environment, we want to hear about it,” the managing director continued.

The competition launched by Venture traditionally consists of three segments. The first segment would feature an open assessment where 15 start-ups would be chosen and progressed to the semi-finals of the start-up Boot Camp. At the boot camp, a further five top start-ups would be chosen before the grand finale. The winner of this overall process would now be chosen to go represent the nation internationally, pitching against other top start-ups from the world for a shot at the top place.

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