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Tigo Digital Changemakers 2015 winners announced

Tigo Rwanda, in association with Reach For Change (which is a non profit organization) launched the Digital Changemakers 2015 competition in the mid 2015, starting around July and ending August. The competition featured a very large turnout of participants as there was about 400 applicants from all over expressing interest in the competition, while of these, 260 were the only ones who could successfully complete the online application. This has gone on to prove that much more people are now being involved in Digital Technology given that these figures doubles that of the previous year.

The General Manager of Tigo spoke at the Africa Summit where the winners were announced and said “It is an honor to be part of a digital revolution in Rwanda. Tigo is at the forefront of creating a digital lifestyle, which includes using technology to create sustainable change in our country. It is with great pleasure that once again, we get to support two more innovative digital ideas that will create impact for future generations.”

Tigo Digital Changemakers 2015 winners announced Technology: General
Zizinga Sam of 3D Cartoon Home Network receiving his cash prize.

The winners of the Digital Changemakers 2015 competition are Zizinga Sam and Louis Ngabonziza, both of them sharing first place with their 3D Cartoon Home Network and Nyabihu Demonstration Center for the Deaf projects respectively. With the later aiming to empower deaf children with ICT skills, 3D Cartoon Home Network on the other hand is a plan which aims at helping students understand difficult theories with the help of animations.

Asides these winners, Tigo Rwanda went on to pick out 4 contestants that had some potential in their innovations. These are Julien Daniel Mitali for M-star Ltd., Neza Guillaine and her Refugee Girls Needs You, Laure Iyaga’s Itorero Karame and SafeGener from Ndayishimye Theophile.

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