Sunday, September 27

Tigo-DRC and Tigo-Rwanda team up for cross-border money transfers

Tigo’s online money sending and remittance service which allows people to send and receive funds in Africa. The African-based Millicom subsidiary and telecomms giant has now united from two countries (in Africa) to form an alliance which would see money transfer between citizens of their respective countries seamless and easier.

Tigo DRC and Tigo Rwanda have teamed up with themselves to launch a DRC-Rwanda initiative, aiding the process of transferring money across borders. Alongside this, Tigo has also made a huge leap in the business as it also launched its service with an integrated conversion application which is useful for sending and receiving money between the users of the application in Rwanda and Tanzania.

“We see great potential to support businesses and customers because we know there is high demand for this money transfer service between DRC and Rwanda,” the Chief Executive Officer of Tigo Rwanda in person of Tongai Maramba has said. “The DRC ranks as the number one export destination country for Rwanda with exports valued to (US$ 14.75 million) during the first quarter of 2015.”

Africa is a largely developing economy when it comes to the issue of mobile money. Records have shown that in the country of Rwanda alone, the mobile money accounts are in excess of 6.7 million and on these, transactions of about $800 million were recorded in the early days of the year 2015.

The sending of money via Tigo Rwanda and Tigo DRC customers is easy. Customers just need to dial the short code *200*6# and follow the laid out instructions therein.

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